Our exclusive TWICE-fried, gluten-free chicken is served with a complimentary side choice of White Pickled Radish, Cuke-Kimchi Salad, Kimchi or upgrade to a Fry or K-Fry “Spicy” +$1.50
(YangnyeomTM for the purist – salt and pepper)
(Korean staple- sweet and mild heat)
Soy Garlic
Tangy Citrus
(Light and bright in every bite)
Korean Dry-Rub “Buffalo”
(A unique spin on the original – every bit as good)

Pick your chicken (wings or tenders), choose one flavor and a side for tender orders and 1 flavor and side for every 10 wings ordered. All chicken and flavors are GLUTEN FREE! GoChuJang, Soy Garlic and Tangy Citrus flavors are available mild or “Spicy.”

10 pcs
20 pcs
30 pcs
2 pcs
4 pcs
6 pcs

Miracle Chicken Burger

Our Go+Chu+Jang chicken tenders piled highwith our World Famous Seoul Slaw and crisp cucumber coin on a toasted potato bun


The original Better Than Sex burger with tenders, spicy mayo and pickles on a toasted bun.

(Korean Ssam Burrito)

GoChuJang chicken with kimchi fried rice, cheese, KSB sauce and a touch of sour cream.

Good to share or keep all for yourself!

Famous Kimchi Fries

Crispy fries topped with roasted kimchi, fry sauce and GoChuJang sauce, cheese and topped with green onions.

Wok Kimchi Fried Rice

Our wok fried rice with roasted kimchi, egg, GoChuJang sauce, cheese and topped with green onions. Add GoChuJang Chicken +$2.95.

Crispy K-Fries

White Pickle Radish
Diet Coke
Coke Zero
Coke Bottle (12oz)
Lotte Milkis (8.45oz)
Chilsung Cider (8.45oz)
Bubble Tea Can (16.6oz)
Bottled Water

Kloud Beer (12oz)
Soju (original)
Soju (assorted flavors)